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Hey everyone..We would like to announce our NEW factory outlet, located at 89 Talbot Rd; South Launceston. We have a whole range of fresh meats and our cooked dog rolls. Our Opening hours are

Mon – Tue   9 am – 3 pm

Wed, Thurs & Fri   9 am – 5.30 pm

Sat – Sun   Closed

Please look at our Store page for range and prices…

Come join us in creating the The Tasmanian Pet Food Revolution! Your animals deserve food which is biologically appropriate and full of real meat no cereals no fillers and definitely no water!

Our recipes are made with wholesome locally Tasmanian grown farm produce, we only put the good things in so your pets will get the best out. We make our chicken products from the best quality, freshest, chemical and antibiotic free local chickens produced right here at Nichols Poultry who are well known for their fantastic quality.

Our Salmon product is farmed by Petuna on our pristine west coast of Tasmania and is the only Salmon producers that do not use antibiotics or chemicals at all in their farmed fish.

Our Beef and Lamb is also made with the same great quality product using grass fed stock that is chemical and antibiotic free, feed on the vitamin rich pastures of the eternally green Tasmanian countryside.

Your Pets will soon tell you what they like to eat if given the opportunity to try our pet food rolls. Watch your pets health improve, their coat turn to a shiny brilliant luster and their natural vitality return.

Try your much loved pets and best friends on our food today and let them show you how good it really is, because we know, you know they deserve it!


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